Award winning Party Card Game for the Weird & Wonderful!
Family friendly, teen friendly, friend friendly.
3 - 10 players. Age 14 +

"Weirdly creative ... less like Cards Against Humanity, more like Cards Against Normality"

Choose the WEIRDEST Comeback ...

Or use your Weirdo card to come up with your own answer

Rosina Proulx


There wasn't even a timer, just cards, and not very funny game

Chloe Richardson

Great present for preteens and teens

Gifted this game to my brother who is 11 but mature. Had him crying in tears he thought it was hilarious.


Good Game

Great packaging. I used it as a gift and they loved it, something slightly different from the normal and really brings out a different side.


Very funny game for the whole family!

We really enjoyed playing this (and at times, laughed until it hurt!) although didn't quite get the point of the 'weird and wild cards'. We just didn't use them.

Bogdan ION


Group game. Soooo funny.

Amazon Customer

Great fun!

Lots of laughs were had, and got our creative juice running somewhat too. Look forward to playing more now we can socialise more - will be a great way to loosen up a little.

Mrs Laura Clegg

Fantastic game!

This is a fantastic family game full of laughs!

Maria Ede

Very good and funny.

It is a very good game. It is unique too.

Amazon Customer

Awsome too play with older kids

Me and my three teenage boys played this last night and we wasn't expecting much but ended up in giggles for hours. Definitely happy with it.



I work for a large company! This is game is great for office and workplace entertainment. Would buy any extension pack if available in the future!


Super fun game for the family and friends alike!

OMG! This game had us rolling in stitches. Some of the comebacks are just hilarious! ... Tons of fun and plenty of cards to replay over and over again! I highly recommend it!